Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Having Fun In New Orleans

Today we went to the Audubon Zoo here in New Orleans. It's a beautiful zoo and James had a great time. Mildred and I did too. Mildred is a long time friend, she lives in Orlando.
Mildred and James

Here is James on stage in the talent show helping Abner sing a song. He got a bunch of the kids on stage to help and they all had fun.

Abner, James and friends singing on stage

This is James and Jessica again. She's growling.
James and Jessica

This is my friend James. One particular day my James and this James always seemed to be near each other and everytime I called James, this James would turn around and answer. I told him from now on I would call him Jimmy. The song he is singing is very beautiful and heart felt, his wife is in the hospital with cancer.
James Jackson

This is my friend Chaney. He grew up around New Orleans and now lives in Texas. He sings in the old school, country style. It's beautiful. You can understand about every third word he says when you talk to him. He writes his own songs, sings better than he plays and it's so interesting to hear him tell stories from way back when.
Chaney the guitar man

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