Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Thin Ice

John Kerry - the sociopath to hell?

Some people will say anything, whether it's true or not. Some papers will print anything, because they want you to believe, and act, and vote a certain way – it doesn't mean there's truth in it. Yet, we humans still have the inclination to want to ignore the red flags. It's a phenomenon I research. The ostrich factor. An untrained eye cannot spot the difference between a genuinely great guy and a con artist/sociopath's charming, charismatic personality. The trained eye can, but sometimes chooses not to. Go figure.

This is worth reading, especially if you are undecided.

Think of your ballot like this:

[ ] FOR Kerry - John Kerry, Democrat

[ ] FOR Kerry - Ralph Nader, Independent

[ ] FOR Kerry - Undecided, not voting, Mickey Mouse, or anyone else

[x] AGAINST Kerry - George W. Bush, Republican

We need to vote against Kerry, then make our voices heard after the election and bitch at Bush.

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