Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Yasser Arafat endorses Kerry

How nice.

"The president [Arafat] is frustrated with Bush's policies," he said. "The president [Arafat] thinks Kerry will be much better for the Palestinian cause and for the establishment of a Palestinian state."

Yes, that's right. With Kerry in office Arafat would be able to keep his job as chief terrorist and killer of Jewish women and children.

This is not precisely on topic but it's related. From: Clinton covered up 1996 Atlanta Olympic bombings

And that brings us to great irony of the jihad. The America that the terrorists hate is progressive America: homosexual rights, abortion, radical feminism, pornography, MTV ... you name it. And yet, our progressive friends are almost pathetically eager to embrace radical Islam. Why? There's one thing they have in common: their shared distaste for America.

We are living in bizarre times.

Dennis Prager writes the excellent Why I cannot vote for John Kerry.

A vote for John Kerry is a vote for Michael Moore, the ACLU, Ted Kennedy, trial lawyers, George Soros, the leftist academics who morally confuse generations of young Americans, and for Dan Rather, CBS News, and nearly the entire news complex that daily presents a proctologist's view of America. A vote for John Kerry is a vote for Jesse Jackson, whom Kerry has named a top adviser; and for Al Sharpton, with whom Kerry campaigns; for Sean Penn and his Hollywood world; and for the passionately pro-Kerry MTV, the greatest destroyer of young people's minds and souls in American history. And a vote for John Kerry is a vote for the countries that have abandoned us and against the countries that are helping us.

Where do you want this country to go today?

And finally, Mychal Massie has some questions for Kerry, and a couple for President Bush.

Questions neither were asked

Mr. Kerry you say it was wrong to invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein had not attacked us, had no weapons of mass destruction and posed no threat to America – yet you say it was right to attack the Taliban in Afghanistan. Please explain your reasoning, if you can, because according to page 30 of the 9-11 commission's report, the Taliban did not attack us with WMDs; nor did Afghanistan have any.

Then reconcile your recent statements with the fact that not only had Germany not attacked us when we declared war on them – we attacked them before we attacked the Japanese. We also declared war on Italy. Many would argue even though both countries had declared war against us, the chances of Hitler and Benito Mussolini making it to America to wage war was extremely remote. Were those wars also the "wrong wars at the wrong time and place"?

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