Saturday, July 15, 2006

Frankenstein's Monster

Watching government eliminate our borders

At the root of the problem is an evolving concept of what America is or was or should be. For nearly a century, America led the world in freedom and prosperity, not because government decided what is best for America, but because a free people decided what government could and could not do.

Somewhere along the way, the people got too busy earning a living or watching ball games or shopping or vacationing or getting rich off government projects, so that the idea of limiting government initiatives fell out of favor. The idea of a citizen legislature became obsolete. Government became the domain of the professionals. Professional bureaucrats and professional legislators now run the government, and they are aided by professional NGOs – non-government organizations – that take tax dollars to serve as "partners" with government to give the appearance of public involvement.

Most of America seems perfectly content to let government do whatever it wants. Aside from complaining, there is little evidence that the majority of Americans care enough about what the nation is becoming to do the work necessary to return government to the people.

The government we had has morphed into something we never intended, becoming something of a Frankenstein's monster and turning on the very people who created it. If only it were confined to the open borders problem.

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