Sunday, July 16, 2006

Superman is Satan

I saw Superman Returns with James and he really loved it. He has added Superman to his favorite character list. He didn't care for him before. While watching, and I've known this before but I'm not really a fan, I heard them use his original name - Kal-El. Interesting, because this time I remembered the Hebrew name of Satan - heleyl, ben shachar (shining one, son of dawn). I'm not sure how you pronounce that but I think they use a hard 'H', sounding like a 'K'. Another interesting fact is that 'EL' is a name of God, usually combined with another descriptive word.

I'm not really going anywhere with that, it's just interesting, that's all. Don't get your tights in a knot.

P.S. Turns out someone put a little more thought into it. Who knew?

P.P.S. I found another site with an explanation of how Superman is Jesus and how Superman is gay - no mention of Superman being Satan though.

I will stop looking now.

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