Sunday, July 30, 2006

Killer Dogs

These Pit Bull attacks just don't stop. This is one breed that has just gotten way out of hand, too many people breeding them for violence - drug dealer dogs. I see them around here being walked once in a while. They usually have a spiked collar and they are always pulling hard on the leash, the owner barely able to hold on. They have no clue how to train a dog. I saw one guy the other day - Irma laughed when she saw my face - exactly as I described but the guy (white guy) had his pants down below his butt (all the way) and he had dirty old white briefs on - semi see-though.

Anyway, these dogs gotta go. They need to be flagged for extinction. The owner of any dog who attacks another person needs to go to jail. Control your dog or don't get one. These aren't just dog bites. That happens and I'm not talking about that. All dogs are capable and under the wrong circumstance it could happen. It shouldn't be taken lightly but I'm talking about a whole other level. Pit Bulls attack. Not just a quick bite out of fear. They all out attack and don't stop. That's a serious problem and I can't believe it's not really being addressed.

People want to get rid of guns, but guns don't act independently of the owner. Keep the guns, lose the Pit Bulls.

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