Saturday, July 08, 2006

Out of Hand

Orlando Shooting Victim Crashes Into Tree - July 7

The driver of a rental car was shot to death about a block from Bentley Street and police believe the car continued on and slammed into a tree. He was driving with his family on Lee Avenue in Parramore when the bullets started flying.

They still don't know who did the shooting or why.

Orlando had a sheriff who was cracking down on crime but he was villified by the press until now, it seems, he can't do anything. Can't have anyone actually arrest criminals, you see. The judges just let the all go anyway. What, you killed someone and the police chased you? They tased you? The barbarians! It must have been terrible for you, you poor thing. I'm so sorry you had to shoot at them in self-defense. Don't worry, we'll suspend those evil police officers and investigate the hell out of them.

3-Year-Old Boy Shot In the Head - July 7

Home Invasion Victim Dies At Hospital - July 7

This is just one day, and it's only the big headlines.

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