Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Big, Big Mistake

This cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah is a big mistake. Israel will be very sorry and America will feel the fallout from it. I can't believe how short-sighted people can be. Hezbollah has declared victory and indeed, I believe they are right. The cease fire agreement has France and the Lebanese army replacing the Israeli military in southern Lebanon. But ...

Once the Lebanese army controls most of the south, the aim it to implement a September 2004 resolution, which calls for the disarmament of all militia, such as Hizbollah.

This is to be done by the Lebanese army, assisted by UN troops. But Lebanon's defence minister Elias al-Murr said the army would not disarm Hizbollah. France's foreign minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy said his troops would not do it either.

If the U.N. is involved you can bet your life the job will not get done, at least not the job the Israeli's need. Hezbollah will still be there, armed to the teeth and U.N. troops will also be there so Israel can't just come back in and do the job themselves. In other words, the U.N. is protecting Hezbollah and enabling them to get ready for more attacks on Israel.

Israel needs to break the cease fire soon before it is too late. This whole affair has only served to further embolden the terrorists and that is not good news for America. The west doesn't have the heart to destroy their enemy and the enemy knows it.

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