Monday, August 07, 2006

Seen On Fox News

If Hezbollah wins ...

That should not even be a question, it's not really even a possibility except in one way - in a war of wills. Star Trek is fiction, the federation is the product of someones fantasy and the United Nations is a broken and corrupt organization unable to do anything except syphon money into it's leaders pockets. One world, one government will never be brought about by man and the whole idea is a trap. If America falls - and that is the correct word, the direction it's going is down - there is no turning back. Keeping freedom is a hell of a lot easier than winning it back after it's lost. If we let the world drag us down to it's level it will never be win-win. Never. They don't want to be equals with us, they want to crush us underfoot. It will be like wolves bringing down a deer, they attack and bring it down for one reason and one reason only - to devour it.

I hope we wake up soon. We take care of this now, it'll be hard. The longer we wait the harder it will be and ultimately it will go nuclear. There is no question about it, the longer we wait the more people will die and the more horribly they will die - and - you won't just be watching it on TV, it'll be right outside your door. Just ask an Israeli.

We have to be strong willed because our enemy is strong willed.

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