Monday, October 16, 2006


I bought a couple of bottles of hot sauce while in Port Jefferson, NY at a hot sauce store. I've had the Santava! before and love it, it's a great tasting sauce. I've never tried Blairs hot sauce before (on the left). I know Blairs has a reputation for the hottest sauces and I wanted to try one. I decided against the super hot sauces made with pure capsaicin but I wish I hadn't. The Blair's Original Death Sauce is delicious, no doubt about it. I got the one with chipotle added and I love the taste. I will not complain one bit about the taste. But the name? Death Sauce. I expected a seriously hot sauce. When I eat sushi I like to put wasabi on it so that tears just barely come to my eyes. I thought I could get this out of the Death Sauce but it really isn't that hot. It's delicious and it's got some heat to it but I poured it on my eggs this morning and it wasn't in the least bit uncomfortable. It's got it all over Tabasco though.

Here it is at Mo Hotta Mo Betta - use extreme caution it says.

I had this one in my hand, should have tried it. Or better yet.

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