Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mo Hotta

I was so curious about the heat of the more potent Blair's Death Sauce that I ordered some and just received them yesterday. I got the Mega Death Sauce and Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce, the Cholula sauce was free. I said the Original Death Sauce was delicious but not as hot as I had expected. Well, the Mega Death Sauce makes up for that. This is a seriously hot sauce, not for the uninitiated. I put a few dabs of the sauce in some jambalaya and I was sweating for about half an hour. Very nice. Mega Death Sauce is worthy of the name. It's also pretty smooth, a very strong heat but not biting, no tears, just a long lasting, lip numbing heat.

The Dave's Insanity Sauce is good, too. I tried it on some Doritos. Just a drop will do. It's not quite as hot as the Mega Death sauce but it's still a seriously hot sauce, be careful.

The Cholula sauce is very good, it's from Mexico. It's just not all that hot. It's great for adding flavor and would work very well on Mexican food.

I don't always like my food spicy. In fact, sometimes I would rather not add heat at all. I just like to be prepared for when I'm in the mood and now I am definitely prepared for all occasions. I am a Blair's fan! And Mo Hotta Mo Betta has great service and great products.

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