Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Consider Carefully Your Vote

I don't quite know what to make of this. He starts off good, I agree with where he is going. Then he freaks out about halfway through. Just about as I'm reaching for the stop button he calms down and gets his head on straight again. He goes off again a few times more but just listen through, it's entertaining.

I don't like all the black this and white trash that. I'm not comfortable at all with people who talk like this guy, it's wrong, especially from a church pulpit. And I don't understand why they call him (Obama) Tarzan. Must be a black thing. He's addressing black people so I won't come down too hard on him, but I don't know any white people who talk anywhere near like this at all. Ever. Even in the most private of conversations. There must be some, but I don't know them.

This one is much better. But hear both.

One side note: I know many Christians who do not celebrate Christmas. I know many who do. I won't argue which is right or wrong except to say that celebrating or not celebrating Christmas does not make you a Christian. I say this not in defense of Obama, but in defense of the many true Christians who, by faith, do not celebrate Christmas.

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