Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pirates Suck

Iranian grain ship seized as Somali pirates hold world to ransom

Somali pirates struck again yesterday, seizing an Iranian cargo ship holding 30,000 tonnes of grain, as the world’s governments and navies pronounced themselves powerless against this new threat to global trade.

What? The world's governments and navies are powerless against pirates? What are we, a bunch of pansies? We are not so bad at killing terrorists, even though we hold to a bunch of self-imposed limitations on how we do it. Pirates are just terrorists at sea. I say we kill the pirates. If they don't have an incentive to stop pirating, which, apparently, is quite lucrative, they will keep doing it and get more and more sophisticated and adept in their pirating. Kill the pirates, sink their boats, destroy their ports. At least one guy knows where they are.

I'm not sure why pirates are so glamorized in movies because real pirates suck. Seriously. Even the old ones from years ago, they were just horrible.

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