Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Embarrassing

Cardboard 'man' keeps cops at bay

When officers arrived, they saw what they thought was at least one person through the windows of the bank, which had its blinds drawn, according to authorities.

Police sealed off the area to traffic and evacuated residents in three nearby apartment buildings.

"I drove in the parking lot (of my apartment building) and see all these guys with guns," said Ross Stout, who lives nearby.

Authorities tried to make contact with whoever might be in the building. Officers used bullhorns and then tried to call inside the building, Forrest said.

After failing to get any response from the figure inside, the SWAT team entered.

To their chagrin, they discovered the "person" seen inside the building was a full-size cardboard figure, Forrest said.

Bad guy 1, cops 0.

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