Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inclusiveness through Exclusivity

Ottawa university boots cystic fibrosis from charity drive

The Carleton University Students' Association has voted to drop a cystic fibrosis charity as the beneficiary of its annual Shinearama fundraiser, supporting a motion that argued the disease is not "inclusive" enough.

Cystic fibrosis "has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men" said the motion read Monday night to student councillors, who voted almost unanimously in favour of it.

It gets worse:

It is correct to say that cystic fibrosis "does affect Caucasian populations primarily," according to Cathleen Morrison, CEO of the CCFF.

However, the term Caucasian includes people from South Asia, North Africa, the Persian Gulf and Israel, Morrison said.

"These are Caucasian populations," Morrison told "These people do not have white skin. They have CF, it now seems, in the same ratios as other Caucasian people who do have white skin."

Non-white caucasians are OK, it's just those damn white people they can't stand.

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