Friday, November 13, 2009

Creating Wealth

Money is not like Energy, How Democrats Are Destroying Our Economy

As a kid you learned in science class that energy never increases or decreases in amount, it simply transfers. The sun provides energy for the plant to grow, then the energy transfers into the animal when the plant is eaten. Later the animal releases the energy in its activities, and waste. The waste, then, transfers the energy into the ground for the plant to use, and et cetera. So, the idea is, if energy increases in one location, somewhere else there is less energy.

The politicians, leftists of the Democrat Party in particular, seem to think that money is like energy. If someone becomes wealthy, then there must be somebody at the bottom doing without. Money, however, is not like energy. Someone becoming successful does not take away from somebody at the bottom. For each success there is not a non-success.

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