Monday, November 02, 2009

Threatening the Powerless

Obama forces a deal to restore Zelaya to power in Honduras.

Roberto Micheletti, the leader of Honduras’s de facto government, relented only after senior Obama administration officials landed in the Honduran capital to take charge of the talks, pressing the point that the United States would not recognize the coming presidential election unless he accepted the deal.

Though senior administration officials played down their role, Latin America experts said that the agreement represented a breakthrough for President Obama, whose relations in the hemisphere were tested by the crisis.

This was not actually a crisis, the Honduran government ousted a Chavez-wannabe president, and did it legally. Only the communists thought this was a crisis and it is very telling that Obama strong-armed a communist back into power. As usual Obama bullies the little nation unable to defend itself. He has to protect his relations with tyrants and dictators.

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