Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Real Great Society

The fundamental principle of society is that of individual self-preservation and self-realization. There will be no perfected society that is not made up of perfected individuals. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. A castle is as strong as its least-guarded door. If in society there are links that are weak, society is weak. If in the great household of men there are individuals that are imperfect, then the household of men remains imperfect. Perfect units are needed for the perfect unity. Therefore, the ultimate purpose of individuality is not individuality, but the realization of the commonwealth. The ultimate reason why every man must be perfect is not that the man should be perfect, but that the community should be perfect. Therefore, every individual must aim at high things, noble things, and desire honor. This is ambition in its simplest, purest form; and this is not evil, but wholly good.

--G. Campbell Morgan: Ambitions, The Westminster Pulpit.

A society's strength comes from the quality of the character of the individuals of that society, not from the government, and not from the elites. It cannot be forced on society from the top down. From strong individuals come strong families, strong families make for a strong city, from strong cities, strong states and strong states form a strong nation.

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