Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sticking It To You

Government Deficits and Private Growth

For anyone who wondered if last winter's federal seizure of the financial services industry would have adverse economic consequences, an answer is now available. The credit market has been tilted to favor a single borrower with a huge appetite for money, Washington. Private borrowers, particularly small businesses, have been sent to the end of the queue.

The Obama administration is not and has no intention of creating a climate of job growth in America with the exception of government jobs. All the talk of creating jobs from this administration is just that - talk. The stimulus was payback to the unions, lawyers and politicians. It does nothing to feed the economic engine of this country. This is not only business as usual in Washington, it's business as usual on steroids. It is the most selfish, greedy and ruthless administration I have ever seen in this country.

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