Saturday, November 13, 2010

America's Worst Generation - Generation Self-Esteem

We even have a President infected with this.

American education has led the way in the quest to find and fill the new Holy Grail. Despite a plethora of information showing that high self-esteem is undesirable, American education clings tenaciously to the myth that the higher the child's self-esteem, the better will be his school performance. That myth is belied by the steady drop in academic achievement levels over the the past forty years, it is further smashed by research findings to the effect that individuals with high self-esteem perform consistently lower than expected by their ability levels not to mention lower than they think they are performing. That's because people with high self-esteem possess an entitlement mentality; they believe that anything they do is worthy of merit. As a consequence, they rarely do their best at anything.

--John Rosemond, Parenting by the Book

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