Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crisis of Their Own Making

Crises of Capitalism: Socialists Know Time for Fighting Revolution is Now

Because they deliberately brought the country to this point.

@ 3:56
"In order for the socialist movement to become a profound political factor and win, there has to be not only poverty and oppression amongst the working class and the poor, there has to be an unsolvable crisis within the existing ruling class, an unsolvable crisis the existing political and social order cannot fix. And brothers and sisters from the point of view of our leadership, we believe that modern capitalism, U.S. capitalism has reached a new stage and in fact the current economic and social crisis that's gripping U.S. capitalism cannot be fixed. It cannot be fixed."
Obama just put the icing on the cake. They have been sabotaging this country for years and years, slowly but deliberately, bringing the country to it's knees, fooling most of the people. But not all.

It's time for America to return to its roots, to return to God - with God all things are possible. With national repentance this country would return to its former glory. Get these people out of our government, out of our schools. Freedom or oppression - which do you prefer?

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