Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rio, a Truly Wonderful City for All Kinds of Crimes

Rio and the Old West

Criminals in Rio attack their victims trusting that the State has made its dirty work of disarming the population, guaranteeing in this way total insecurity for victims and total safety for murderers.

In the Old West, an outlaw had to think twice before attacking an innocent man, for him not to end with a bullet in the middle of his forehead.

In Rio, an outlaw doesn’t need to think, because only his victims end with a bullet in the middle of their forehead.

In the Wild West, hanging was a murderer’s sure destiny.

In Rio, death is the murderers’ victims’ destiny, and murderers may opt for hanging, tortures and any other sadism that they want to apply to their victims.

Between the Wild West and Rio, I would prefer the Old West. There at least I would be able to defend myself.

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