Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boo Hoo

Elton John feels like 'second-class citizen'
Sir Elton John is "fed up" with being a treated like a "second-class citizen" in the U.S.
Seriously? Because I'm pretty sure that wherever Sir Elton John goes he is treated as absolute royalty.

Oh, the marriage 'ban' thing? That's it? First off, I don't think it really effects Elton John's life in any way, let alone in any meaningful way. Are they not going to let Elton John visit his man (or vice versa) in the hospital? -God forbid something would happen. Can't get his man in the company insurance plan? Don't be ridiculous, Elton John can get just about anything he wants. And there are ways around these things for others that don't involve messing with marriage.

Second, it's not a 'ban' on homosexual marriage. It's just that the definition of marriage is a man and a woman, it's always been that way since it was ordained by God as a pillar of society. Man and woman get married, have kids, raise family, families nurture children, families get together and form community, then city, state, country.

If you prefer, it is the way nature works. The male/female thing is about as universal as anything in nature. Survival of the fittest - the species is not going to survive very long if it doesn't reproduce, and reproduce as productively as possible.

People in the United States did not come together and decide to ban homosexuals from getting married as sometimes seems to be suggested. It is not a smart idea to just take a wrecking ball to the foundations of society without being completely sure of what you are doing. Humans have been on this planet for at the very least 6000 years and do you think it has been only in the past 40 years or so that homosexuals have thought it would be a good idea to get married? You don't think anyone has thought of it until now? And yet, somehow, there are no societies on Earth where this has happened successfully. Some things just don't work. Why only one man and one woman? Why marriage at all? Why can't a guy just go with whatever woman or man he likes that day? I say a lot of survival of the fittest has gone on with marriage in societies and what we have is what works. Period. The past 40 years has seen a shake up of the marriage foundation and it shows, it shows very badly.

You can make a better case for men having multiple wives or as many women as would have him being acceptable to society than homosexuals getting married. There are far more straight men than there are homosexuals, and nearly all would - all other considerations aside, natural inclinations acted upon only - live that way. Why don't they? Where are the successful societies built on that foundation? There are none. Because it harms society. It harms the children. It doesn't work.

So come on Elton, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Maybe do a little introspection. Read Glenn Beck's The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life. It's really very good. If Elton John is not a happy man he has no one to blame but himself.

That's my opinion, worth price charged.

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