Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dishes Not Getting Clean Lately?

Why Aren't Your Dishes Getting Clean? New Environmental Laws

Thanks to environmental protection laws passed in 16 states, dish detergent manufacturers have been forced to remove powerful cleansing agents called phosphates from their formulas nationwide. The result? Detergents that don't clean, reported Tampa Bay Online.

Local appliance repairman Don DiChristopher told the news agency that technicians were out in droves to frustrated customers who had already thrown out several sets of dishes or replaced their machines altogether, unable to get dishes clean.

"Holy cow, we got bombarded, our phone literally rang off the hook with calls," DiChristopher said, noting that his service received hundreds of calls shortly after the switchover to phosphate-free cleansers was completed in July. "We started turning down repair calls."
I have this exact problem and I was thinking the dishwasher was broken, too.

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