Thursday, February 24, 2011

The American Frauds

Rush rants about liberalism in this transcript:

You Democrats and those of you in the country that call yourselves leftists, let me tell you something. The worst thing you ever did was pass Obamacare. The worst thing you ever did. You overreached by a factor of a gazillion. You went too far with that. Look at what you've caused. With the simple passage of Obamacare and the undemocratic, fraudulent way you went about it, buying votes, buying off whole states, talking about doing it via budget reconciliation, doing it on Christmas Eve, trick nighttime procedures and so forth, quite simply what has result is the American people say they don't want you. They don't want what you have to offer.

The American people simply do not want liberalism. The American people do not want liberals. Look at what happened. You think what's happening in Wisconsin is coincidence? It's not. You overreach, and you take over one-sixth of this economy with a bogus, fraudulent, budget breaking, Constitution-violating piece of legislation, and look at the shellacking you got. You lost the House of Representatives. You're going to lose the Senate and the White House in 2012. You have lost governorships. You lost 700 seats in state legislatures and it's all coming home to roost. And what's your solution? Run away. Run away from the job in Wisconsin. Run away from the job now in Indiana. Run away from the job soon in Ohio. The American people do not want you. The American people do not want what you believe. The American people do not want liberalism. You made it plain what liberalism is. It is fraudulent; it is phony; it is lawbreaking; it is cheating; it is insincerity; it's disingenuousness. It's on full display with the passage of this health care bill.

Everything about liberalism that people instinctively distrust and don't like is now plain as day to see. They don't need their instincts to know. They got real life. And now they can see something also plain as day. All these years Democrats have made it plain that the little guy, that's who they cared about, the little guy, the downtrodden, the victims of life, and they were made victims by virtue of who? Republicans, conservatives, the rich, the powerful. Yeah, well, who is it the Democrats are siding with now? Who is it, when at a moment of survival for the Democrat Party, where do they go? Not to you, not the voters, not to the population, not to the American people. They stay in bed with the special interest group known as public sector unions. Public sector union guy says to elected Democrat, "You're never gonna work in this state again unless," and the "unless" wins, the guy leaves the job, cowardly, walks off, gets on a short little bus and heads to a neighboring state, holed up in a hotel, cowardly afraid to face the little guys for whom supposedly his political existence is aimed at.

So the frauds that you all are, is now plain as day for everybody to see. The American people don't want you.

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