Friday, February 25, 2011

The Lawless President

Imagine President Palin Doing This
So what's happened here is Barack Obama has decided he's not gonna enforce the law. He is not enforcing a federal judge's ruling in Florida because he disagrees with it. Judge Vinson. The constitutionality of Obamacare. He is not enforcing a federal ruling in Louisiana to allow deep offshore drilling. A federal ruling says his moratorium is illegal, but to hell with the federal ruling. Barack Obama disagrees with it. Essentially Barack Obama has said, "You know what? I'm the Supreme Court! We don't need one anymore. I don't like the Defense of Marriage Act. Neither does my attorney general.

"Neither do my gay supporters and contributors. So, you know what? We're not gonna defend it anymore. I don't care what the Supreme Court thinks. It doesn't matter. I have decided." Imagine a conservative president doing this, say, on abortion. This is lawlessness. There's no other way to characterize this. This is lawlessness. He's not securing the southern border. He's not enforcing immigration laws. That is why Arizona is having to act independently -- and what does he do? He sues them! He sues the state of Arizona. He's taken sides against a United States governor in Wisconsin, and will be taking sides against many more governors as the days unfold.
What bothers me most is all the people (and media) who seem to be just going along with it like it's normal. Where do they draw the line? How far do they let him go? There doesn't seem to be a line.

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