Monday, February 14, 2011

Herman Cain: "U.S. Will Not Become U.S. of Europe on Our Watch"

I don't hear a lot about Herman Cain on the talk shows. On my way home from work this morning they were talking about who would be a good Republican candidate and I was hearing names I never heard of along with the usuals, but no mention of Herman Cain. Why? What's wrong with Herman Cain? I happen to think he is a very strong candidate and I don't know of anything that would rule him out - except no one seems to be interested in him. He's got a successful track record in overcoming adversity in and running a business, he's articulate and not afraid to speak his mind to power, he's not afraid to mention God - and I believe he is sincere in his belief - he supports the FairTax and on the list of conservative values, I can't think of any that would not be checked off. What's not to like?

I want to know more about him, no doubt, but he shouldn't be just written off.

I like Chris Christie but, (a) he's not running, and (b) he's a little wishy washy in some conservative values. No candidate will be perfect but so far Herman Cain is leading as far as I'm concerned.

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