Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AM Radio is Weird

The only time I ever listen to the radio is when I'm driving. Going to work I usually listen to Mark Levin on a local station but sometimes it is preempted by basketball, in which case I can pick up the Mark Levin show on another station. The reception is not as good but it is acceptable. It's either that or 'Coast to Coast' and I can't listen to that for very long. Maybe a minute.

Tonight was a basketball night so I put the other station on and was hearing tornado warnings. I never knew where the station broadcast from but had assumed it was Tampa or somewhere else in Florida. Guess not. It took a while but they finally said it was Kentucky. Kentucky was not having a good night.

So I can listen from Orlando to a radio station in Kentucky which has better reception than many of the local AM stations. See, weird.

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