Friday, April 15, 2011

The Non-Deficit Reducing, Deficit Reduction Bill

Mark Steyn On The Most Historic Budget Cutting Bill In History...That Spends $3 Billion More Than Last Year
...because President Obama always sinks to the occasion. He is a man who has shrunk in office. In a sense, the fraud of his election, a man with no talents other than for self-promotion, is revealed every time he has to rise to the occasion. You start thinking how this man would have, what this man would have said if he had to stand up in the House of Commons, as Winston Churchill did, after the fall of France, for example. He sinks to the occasion. And in this case, we have the usual petty, partisan, un-presidential snippiness, the usual pathetic straw man arguments, and the lamest of lame tropes all about investing in the future and all the rest of it. Government has invested in the future, and as a result, we don’t have one. We need less government investment in the future, because this government has invested like crazy in the future. And the only result of that is that unless you’re planning on getting hit by a logging truck, or coming down with a fatal case of bird flu in the next thirty days, your future is over, because this government spends it.

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