Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Can't We Learn From the Mistakes of Others?

Communist refugees understand
But this refugee from Communism also recognizes a dark cloud rolling over her beloved America. She recognizes that cloud because she has seen it before. She has lived under it before. She fears the American Dream is turning into a nightmare.

She sees the breakdown in "anything goes" morality overtaking America. She sees the breakdown in seeking "instant gratification." She sees the breakdown in the increase in "irresponsibility and disrespect for common decency."

"What would have been considered shameful even a decade ago is very normal today," she said. "It seems more and more people want something for nothing. I see laziness and mediocrity being rewarded while achievement and success are being ignored, or worse, punished. Political correctness has been turned into a curse which divides the American people and intimidates those who still hold on to common sense and honorable principles. It is like a dark veil over our eyes, preventing us from seeing clearly and deciding rationally."

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