Monday, July 09, 2012

Anti-gun group is synonymous with liar.

Anti-gun group applauds Google's move to muzzle firearms retailers
The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a gun control lobby group, recently told AFP that it welcomed the move by Google — seeing the ban as a win in advancing its gun-control agenda.

"We applaud Google for acting to restrict sales of dangerous weapons that would frequently occur without background checks," said Daniel Vice, senior attorney at the Brady Center.
It is not legal to purchase a weapon through the mail (internet) without going through an FFL holding firearms dealer. That means if I purchase a gun from Acme Gun Sales, they have to send it to my local FFL dealer who has to do the background check (every time) and make me wait the 3 or 5 or 10 day waiting period required by law. The dealer must obey all local laws. I must obey all local laws. The selling dealer must obey all local laws. This statement by Daniel Vice is an outright lie.
Citing a study by another prominent gun-control group, the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg-led Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Vice said that "62 percent of online gun sellers were willing to sell weapons to people who could not pass a background check."

"The Internet is a notorious source of guns for killers," Vice said.
More outright lies. Online gun dealers are not willing to sell weapons to "people who could not pass a background check." They would lose their license, their livelihood, and their freedom (jail). Not to mention the waste of time and money sending a gun through the mail - which is not cheap - and having it sent back by the FFL dealer he was required to send it to because the FFL dealer won't sell it to someone who doesn't pass the background check. Also, the internet is not the largest source of guns for killers, theft is.

The vast majority of gun owners, retailers and wholesalers are law abiding people who bend over backwards to make sure what they are doing is 100% legal. Some even go beyond what is necessary. There are many people who will not sell a gun face to face (which is legal without a background check) unless the purchaser has a concealed carry license (which he is not required to do).

It is very easy to fool people who don't know the laws and the honest law abiding people who make up the gun community. Don't be taken in by their lies.

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