Monday, July 02, 2012


Now, they're concerned with freeloaders?
It's not a tax on the American people. It's a tax -- it's a penalty for free riders.
LOL! The progs want to penalize free riders! This is mental gymnastics on a level rarely seen!
This is the party that celebrates free riders. This is the party that devotes itself to creating even more free riders. This is a party that could not survive without free riders and freeloaders. This is a party that does everything it can to make people as dependent as possible on the government. Free riders, freeloaders. And now this ruling is apparently so distasteful that the Democrat Party has to do a 180 and start attacking their own voters. Well, what happened to the precious 30 to 50 million uninsured? This is the piece de resistance, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi mocking free riders. The entire mission of the Democrat Party is to create more and more free riders. Haven't they seen to it that almost half the country doesn't pay income tax, a bunch of free riders?

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