Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Government Sponsored Crime

Truck 793 - Built by the Obama DEA
The Houston Chronicle recently reported a noteworthy story. The story is noteworthy solely as a rare act of journalistic practice (the full article is well researched and a good read) but also as just another prominent example of imprudence, incompetence and subsequent denial at the federal level. Although this case involves the DEA, it shares the same brutish Fast and Furious/Gibson Guitar/drilling moratorium genetic defects that are so common to all Obama agency actions.
You have to read the whole thing but basically, the DEA used a business owners truck without his knowledge or consent for illegal activity resulting in a dead driver, damaged truck and a business owner left holding the bag - unable to collect insurance or get reimbursement from the government for the damage to his business.

This is becoming old-hat for this administration and most people will never hear of these things because it's being ignored by the mainstream media. This is outrageous. I feel like I'm living in Bizarro America. If the mafia had taken over our government and was in charge of everything, how would it be any different than what we have under the Obama administration?

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