Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Everything Should Be FREE!

"I think healthcare should be free."

"It's a right."

"Why should you have to pay for the right to live in the first place?"
I don't understand how they put healthcare first on the list of rights, on the list of things that should be free. I mean, if you don't have food, all the healthcare in the world can't help you. Why shouldn't food be free for all? And clean, fresh water. Can't live very long without water. Yet, even though the government controls the municipal water supply they charge for it. The government charges you. Shouldn't water be a right, shouldn't water be free? What about housing?

Here's the deal. You can go hunt, fish and grow your own food, provide it entirely for yourself - and it's free. Dig a well in your backyard and throw a bucket down - free water. Same with healthcare. Go get yourself some books and learn how to take care of yourself. Learn how to make splints for broken limbs, how to take care of wounds, learn how to use herbs and whatnot to cure what ails you. Go find yourself a spot somewhere no one else claims and build yourself a cabin. I'm sure there are parts of northern Canada where no one would even know you were there. Build yourself a fire - free heat! Your gonna need it up there.

What possesses someone to think someone else should be coerced to work to provide the needs of another? I mean, we work for one another in a capitalist society but we do it voluntarily. We each get something out of it. Being forced to do anything leads to a miserable existence. You know it and I know it.

How To Create a Communist Society:

In order to set up a Communist society you first have to confiscate all the guns because next you have to get rid of all the people who refuse to go along. Traditionally this is done by killing them. (I think this is where Communism gets the RED label from) Unfortunately, the people who refuse to go along are the most productive members of society, so basically you just killed the goose that lays the golden egg. But you don't realize that yet, you're too busy celebrating and going around collecting golden eggs that belonged to the people you killed. There's not as many as you thought when everyone is through looting. And so, the misery begins.

The elites have already confiscated all the guns, now they begin confiscating all the eggs (so they can distribute them fairly). They distribute them fairly amongst themselves leaving you with nothing. But everybody has nothing so that's fair. Congratulations, you're a communist now. Once in a while they will throw you a bone, a roll of toilet paper, some bread, bag of rice - things you don't get everyday. Usually, there is an underground capitalist market that is set up and everyone pretends it doesn't exist, but it is the only way to get anything you really need.

And so, yeah. That's basically it, oh, and you can never leave. Don't try to escape or they will kill you. Or your family if you get away. I think it's because if they let you leave, then everyone will want to leave and they won't have any slaves to rule over anymore. Somebody has to work to provide their living, right. ;)

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