Monday, April 01, 2013

Caution is in Order, but...

Full speed ahead!

Gay Marriage and the Dysfunctions of Modernity
The fact is, no one knows what will be the long-term effects of such a massive redefinition of society's most important social institution. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan thought she scored some points when she demanded that the lawyer defending California's Proposition 8 tell her the exact "harm" gay marriage would cause. Of course, the point is that we don't know how such a social experiment will turn out, or what specific "harm" will follow, no more than we know the benefits. Nor can Kagan or anyone else assure us that no harm whatsoever will result from redefining an institution thousands of years old. That's why prudence is in order. Think back to the "liberationist" movements of the 60s that radically reshaped sexual mores and gender roles, which in turn led to easy divorce, abortion on demand, and guilt-free sexual experimentation. No one at the time, except for repressed and despised neo-puritanical squares, said anything about the possible harmful consequences of such massive social experimentation. We sure know now what they are -- fatherless children, broken homes, illegitimate birth, venereal plagues, sexuality dehumanized in popular culture, women debased into sexual instruments, and a declining birthrate that threatens our economic future.
Again, the spirit of evil behind the agenda, behind all of the destructive agendas of our time, is not interested in the happiness of gays, or about fairness, or about poor people. It is about destruction of what is and when the house of cards falls, it falls on all the people inside. ALL.

Be very careful what you wish for because you just might get it - along with all the consequences that come with it.

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