Friday, April 12, 2013

Re: The Forgotten Children

Gosnell Trial: 15-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Helped Kill Live Babies at Hellish Pa. Abortion Clinic
Ashley Baldwin spoke Thursday of starting there at age 15 through a high school training program, and soon assisting with abortions and administering intravenous drugs. Baldwin, now 22, said she worked nearly 50-hour weeks, often well past midnight, when abortions were routinely performed.

At least twice, she saw aborted babies move after the procedure, only to have Gosnell explain that it an (sic) involuntary response. In one case, she said, "the chest was moving."
If we can 'save even one child' we should. --Obama. Except the ones the "Progressive Elite" deem undesirable.

I don't know what is worse, what went on in that clinic (and I'm sure it's not the only one) or the lack of reaction to it. I mean, shouldn't they be trying to ban scissors by now?

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