Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I Hate New York

Pregnant Mom Arrested in New York for Unloaded Handgun in Checked Baggage
You're an honest citizen who followed all the rules. When you left AnyTown, USA Airport, you were treated respectfully when you made your firearm declaration. Your luggage, with the TSA lockbox, was inspected and cheerfully accepted for your flight to JFK or LaGuardia and you had no problem retrieving your luggage in New York,” Kane’s website states. "But when you came to the airport to return home and followed the same approved procedure, all hell broke loose. You were arrested, spent several hours or overnight in custody, appeared before a judge where the DA asked for humongous bail, and you were finally released and told to come back with a lawyer. Now you're scared and fighting mad at the same time. What's going on?"
It's perfectly legal anywhere else but in New York it can get you a felony and 15 years in jail. There is no way that should ever happen to anyone, it's completely ridiculous. I think New Jersey is similar.

It's easy to say don't fly with a gun if you are going to New York, but what if you are not going to New York and your flight is diverted? They don't care, same thing happens.

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