Monday, April 22, 2013

Doubling Down On What Doesn't Work

N.J. governor proposes measures to curb gun violence
New Jersey's gun laws are among the strictest in the nation. The state does not allow gun shows, for example, is one of seven states with an assault-weapon ban and one of three with a one-gun-a-month law. New Jersey is also one of 11 states with a waiting period for gun purchases and one of seven with a limit on magazine capacity.
OK, so they still have problems with violence? Maybe it's not the guns causing it. So, what's missing?
Gov. Chris Christie on Friday unveiled a multi-faceted plan to curb gun violence in New Jersey that includes expanding government-funded mental health treatment, requiring parental sign-off before children can buy or rent violent video games, and mandating that ID presented by would-be gun-owners is government-issued.

The Republican's plan also includes a ban on the sale of Barrett .50-caliber semi-automatic sniper rifles, bail reforms that would make it harder for people suspected of violent gun crimes to be released, and provisions to make it easier for courts and health care professionals to involuntarily commit people they consider violent to a psychiatric hospital.
Not that long a go New Jersey closed most of its government-funded mental health treatment centers (psychiatric hospitals), children are already prohibited from buying 'M' rated games, and criminals don't use id's to buy guns. I'm also quite sure the Barrett .50-caliber rifle has been a huge problem for New Jersey - used by exactly zero criminals to commit zero crimes. Bail reforms are fine, but how about making sure career criminals stay behind bars until they are incapable of resuming their careers - no more multi-page rap sheets. I also have no problem with committing the violently mentally ill as long as it can't be abused - disagreeing with progressive politicians is not mental illness.

New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts should get together and build a wall around their states to keep their tax revenues in, keep the people from migrating and spreading the progressive disease, and remind the rest of us not to go there. California, too, but they can keep the southern border open.

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