Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Website of the day: Know Your Money on the Secret Service website

A couple of commentaries:

This from Diane Alden: Republicans and Cival Rights

Norman Liebmann wrote Liberalism in Relapse ©

Neal Boortz wrote this Tuesday (Dec. 17, 2002):


If you were watching Paula Zahn on CNN this morning you saw Congressmen Gregory Meeks (D-NY) and J.C. Watts (R-OK) discussing (what else?) the Trent Lott situation. During the course of that conversation Meeks, the Democrat, was doing his level best to portray the Republicans as generally bigoted and racist.

During his rant Meeks told Zahn that he has actually seen campaign literature with the picture of a black family and the words “If they win, we lose.” Meeks presented this as an example of the racism that is a part of the Republican Party.

OK … now here’s the rest of the story.

That campaign literature was prepared and used in Georgia. Yes, it did have a picture of a black family; and yes, it did have the words “If they win, we lose.” What Meeks didn’t say this morning on CNN was that this campaign flyer also had a picture of a white person … a Republican candidate. In the flyer the “they” referred to the white guy, the “we” was referring to the black family.

Interesting, isn’t it? The Democrats create a bit of campaign literature designed to frighten blacks into voting Democrats by telling them that if “they” (the Republicans) win, “we” (black families) lose.

This has to be the first piece of “dual use” campaign literature I’ve seen. You use the flyer during the campaign to frighten blacks into voting for Democrats; then, after the election is over, you attribute the flyer to Republicans and use it to illustrate their racism.

End of Neal Boortz quote.

I saw the documentary on the Bismark on the Discovery channel and it is really good. It's fascinating to see the ship after all that time out of our reach and watch the reactions of some of the crew who were on the ship when it was sunk. That ship was huge. If you are at all interested in the events of world war II you really need to see it.

For the past week James has been asking "why?" everytime you ask him to do something. It's cute mostly but when he's doing something wrong it's very annoying.
He has a large ball and he was sitting on it and rolling off. It was so cute so I went to get the video camera and he decided he would rather search for the toys he dropped behind his crib and he wouldn't do it anymore. The next day he did it again, then told me to get the camera. So, off I went happy to finally get a shot of him doing it and when I got back maybe 20 seconds later he wouldn't do it anymore again!
I took him to a park last week and he had alot of fun chasing the squirrels. He would chase them to the tree and it would hide on the other side and he says "Where'd he go?" Sometimes he would try to climb the tree - he even tried to use his nails like claws to follow them. We saw an otter sitting on the boat ramp eating a fish and he scared it away by screaming at it. He spent alot of time trying to catch the birds too.

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