Monday, December 09, 2002

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Mac Operating System X (ten) is based on FreeBSD 4.4. Mac OS X: Look who else is switching

If you've never experienced a BSD/Linux operating system it's hard to understand the the flexibility and choices you have with them. You can literally change every aspect of the operating system. But with that you need ALOT of knowledge and the ability to make decisions. For instance, which GUI (desktop) do you want to use? Gnome, Kde, Enlightenment, NeXTStEP or, I forget what else. There are so many. And you can manipulate each one and make it look completely different. It's really quite amazing, but you really have to know what you are doing. I'm simplifying it, it's even more complicated.
Mac is using an amazing GUI and takes alot of those choices away. That's good. And it could be bad too. But mostly it's good. They make it easy enough for your mother to use, yet underneath... unix, and you can use the command line when you need to.

James is sitting here with me eating chipotle salsa and chips. In fact he just drank it. Go figure. He doesn't really eat candy or cookies so much. Usually he'll put them down after a couple of minutes.

I've been checking out ebay lately, looking at computer stuff. Just dreaming. I can't believe the amount of obviously fraudulent auctions I see in the higher end areas. People are apparently using other users ids to put up fake auctions. So many say money order/cashiers check only, no user feedback, or like I said, they use someone elses user id. Then most of them are cancelled by ebay. I hope they get most of them. I say if you're looking for expensive electronics go to a legit business on the web instead of an unknown ebay user. Even the escrow companies are being faked. Go on the boards and educate yourself before bidding. Tis the season!

P.S. What's up with Canada? Canadians go to Baghdad as 'human shields'

Canada refuses to bar Hezbollah

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