Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I Wish I were There To See It

Her dog died and she wanted to send it back home by plane for burial. The airline workers at the receiving end thought the dog died in transit so they replaced it with an exact duplicate, hoping no one would notice. When she went to pick it up ... Woof!

"An airport spokesman told the paper: "No-one would have noticed the difference, except that her dog was dead and the new one was alive. I don't think she would ever have noticed. It was quite a surprise for her. When she spoke she didn't make any sense."

I almost don't believe this story. How could anyone think the dogs owner wouldn't notice just because it looked the same, what about the dogs personality? Maybe the Three Stooges are still alive.

Crazy Kid Drivers

First it's senior citizens, now this.

Two-year-old toy car driver kills pensioner. Toy car?

Boy, 3, crashes car twice in a week.

Children found riding tricycle on motorway.

Man's Best Friend

I like to hear good stories about dogs.

Dog rescues abandoned baby.

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