Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Peer Pressure

Thomas Sowell peruses the price we pay when those in power are too concerned with what their peers think.

"Some things are believed, without evidence, because such beliefs are a mark of belonging."

"Many parents wonder why they lose their children to a whole new value system," a parent once said plaintively. It is not accidental. There are not only individual pied pipers in the schools but whole nationwide educational efforts to detach children from their parents, as a way of promoting "social change."

"That the pathetically under-educated people who staff our public schools should take upon themselves the task of shaping a whole society is staggering. What is even more staggering is that the rest of us let them get away with it -- for the most part, because so few even know that it is happening."


Going to Liberia is a big mistake. Clue: The UN wants the U.S. to go to Liberia. If the UN is so concerned with Liberia why don't they go in and do it themselves. They were itching to lead the way with Iraq. Here's their chance to show the world their leadership abilities. Let Germany and France send their troops in. How many other countries make up the UN? Send them. The UN can't do it without the U.S. leading the way? B.S. It's a trap.

Set Them Free

Proposition 54. The new law would bar the government from inquiring into a citizen's racial identity. It's about time and should be nationwide.

The United States of Iraq?

Won't It Be Wonderful, When Iraq Becomes Just like America?

Water Works

The kids and I had a water fight yesterday. I just finished mowing the lawn and the kids had been playing out in the heat. We were ready. James loved it and put his bathing suit on later to go out and do it again. Afternoon thunderstorms put a stop to that idea. The kids played together nicely today, I was impressed.

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