Sunday, March 28, 2004

Can You Imagine?

Hamas Plots Knockout Blow with 800 Suicide Bombers

Can you imagine the reaction of Israel if the Palestinians Arabs living in Palestine actually did this? Israel is not really fighting them now. They are trying to deal the insanity with both hands tied behind their back. Everyone has a breaking point and if the Arabs ever reach Israel's breaking point it would mean the plug has finally been pulled at the bottom of the cesspool this world is floating in. I can't see the whole world standing by and watching Israel give the Arabs what they so richly deserve. Especially if Al-Queda suceeds in the overthrow of Musharraf in Pakistan. That would mean Al-Queda controls very powerful nuclear bombs and there is no reason to believe they would not use them. And mind you, they (other Arabs) would have no qualms what-so-ever in eliminating all the Arabs in Palestine in the attacks, they are and always have been completely expendable.

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