Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Much Later

Saturday we took James to Animal Kingdom for the first time. He liked some things and didn't like others. We went on the Dinosaur ride - he didn't like that. Bugs Life - he didn't want to wear the 3D glasses and didn't really like it. He liked the train ride and the safari and he liked climbing on the rocks. During the parade I put him on the base of a lamp post so he could see. He watched the whole thing but he wasn't real excited about it. Oh, and he liked the petting zoo. That's about it. My thought during most of the day was how lame it was considering the admission price is over $50.00 per person for one day, but we got a Florida resident 4-day special, so...

We went to the Magic Kingdom about 4:30, I thought he would enjoy that more. He loved the monorail. He got to feed a friendly duck that came right up to him and took the food from his fingers. This place was more crowded than Animal Kingdom. We went on the Mississippi paddle boat cruise, which he liked. He liked the carousel - went on it twice. Snow White he hated. Peter Pan was a 65 minute wait - no way is it worth it. Haunted Mansion - hated. We went on the Teacups and he really liked them. That's about all we did, we had to go because Irma wasn't feeling good. I haven't been there in a long time because it's not worth the money or time spent. Disney has lost it's way and it's magic to the bottom line (and Eisner). Overall it was a good day though. We were exhausted when we got home.

I was up early Sunday with the kids and we had a birthday party for James so I wasn't allowed to sleep. I still haven't caught up on sleep and won't be able to until Thursday night. James does not take a nap anymore. I put him in bed for a nap but he doesn't fall asleep. If he doesn't sleep, I can't sleep.

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