Thursday, December 23, 2004

Don't Worry, Be Happy

The Imam continued with espousing his vision for the future of Germany. "Muslims must work quietly and steadily to bring about an Islamic Germany." The crowd went absolutely ballistic, when the "holy man" screamed that, "We must take advantage of this so-called democracy, to build our holy mosques and spread Islam throughout this satanic country." The "holy man" continued to illustrate the future for Infidels. "Allah will not tolerate a Europe of Infidels. Strike them with the sword of Allah's holy cause. Slay the unbelievers and idolaters wherever they may hide and plot against you, the believers. Allah will surely bless you."

From The Trouble With Hateful Holy Men

It continues ...

Where will it end? Today, we are witnessing the foundation of a soon to come re-establishment of the traditional GERMAN NATION. When the coming economic collapse arrives, the government will fall seemingly overnight. From the sidelines, a new leader will emerge. A powerful speaker with new ideas, new programs, for a NEW GERMANY. You say it can't happen again. Why the world would never allow Germany to once again threaten anyone with a renewed militarism, a renewed world power status. Why, the United Nations wouldn't stand for it! Oh really.

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