Friday, December 10, 2004


Just how do you get a 2 inch nail driven into your forehead and not know it? For 4 years! He said he remembers banging his head at work, maybe that was how. Sometimes you get a small cut and don't know how you got it, but a nail?

The second part of the article is equally as puzzling. He got six nails in the back of his head when he "slipped and fell while working April 19, triggering the gun which was said to be in automatic, rather than manual mode."

An automatic nailgun? Why would you need an automatic nailgun? How often do you put multiple nails in the same place? Maybe he thought it was cool to have it. And anyway, how do you get it to put 6 nails in the back of your head by falling? Perhaps I'd rather not know.

Some things people do are just amazing, like investing in a truffle.

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