Thursday, March 03, 2005

Protect Yourself, Nobody Else Will

Yes, I keep the doors locked at work and if it offends you - I really don't care - go somewhere else.

Armed Robber Kills Fast Food Restaurant Manager

This happened less than 2 miles from me last night and I heard and saw all the police cars and wondered what was going on. Someone got shot and killed for no reason, the police came out to clean up the mess, and the shooter got away. Same old story.

It still surprises me when someone gets all upset about checking in through the window. They get no sympathy from me. That's the world we live in and it will only get worse, especially if we can't stop the Supreme Court from making stupid, outrageous decisions like no death penalty for juviniles no matter how heinous the crime. Sorry, the truth is, some people need the death penalty and some of them are under 18 years old.

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