Thursday, March 03, 2005

Socialism is Evil

White land grab policy has failed, Mugabe confesses

President Robert Mugabe confessed yesterday that millions of acres of prime land seized from Zimbabwe's white farmers are now lying empty and idle.

After years spent trumpeting the "success" of the land grab, Mr Mugabe, 81, admitted that most of the farms transferred to black owners have never been used

I'm surprised to hear him admit that. This is another example of the utter failure of socialism.

"He warned the farmers that the government will not hesitate to redistribute land that is not being utilised."

Of course. We're doing that here in America, too. It's called eminent domain abuse.

"It has been a phenomenal and absolute failure on every level," said Tendai Biti, secretary for economic affairs of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. "It has failed both in terms of production of crops and in terms of the occupation of the land."

The new farmers are unable to raise bank loans because their properties are formally owned by the government and they have no individual title deeds. Without loans, they cannot buy seed, fertiliser or farming equipment and the regime has broken a pledge to supply them with tools.

Oh yeah, long live socialism. Not!

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