Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Ugly Truth

Brian Nichols, the Atlanta courtroom killer, may get the death penalty for what he did. And he should. But it won't be before many years of appeals and many demonstrations by anti-death penalty groups. When he is finally put to death it will most likely be by lethal injection. He will be put to sleep.

Can you imagine if the judge decided to lock him in his cell and stop feeding him until he dies? That judge would be subject to more hatred than President Bush. It could never happen, this country wouldn't stand for it.

But, take an innocent young woman who is disabled, unable to feed herself or speak but who is conscious and able to breath on her own, add one husband who wants her dead more than anything else in the world and one judge who agrees with him - stir - and suddenly it becomes OK to stave her to death. Isn't it amazing how that works?

It's murder ... that's the ugly truth

Where are the feminists?
Where are the bleeding hearts?
Where are the human-rights activists?
Where are the churches?
Where are the media?

Every single petition filed by Terri's family has been denied by Judge George Greer for 8 years. This week, he denied a request by the state of Florida to investigate allegations of abuse. Last week, he denied a petition by her parents to allow Terri to be divorced. He is supposed to be acting in Terri's interest, yet he has never seen her and has just one position: Terri Schiavo will be starved and dehydrated to death. It could take as long as 15 gruesome days for her to die. Where is justice?

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