Friday, August 24, 2007

He Had A Bad Day ...

She had a worse day.

State Highway Patrol Trooper Jason L. Turner loosened the handcuffs on Francina Pugh, 53, of Cleveland, and forgot to engage the safety lock on his patrol car door the night of March 30, 2006.

Turner lost sight of Pugh for up to 10 minutes while he searched her car and talked with a tow truck operator. She escaped and was hit by several cars not far from where she was stopped for erratic driving. Her body was severed and her skull crushed.

By the time he realized his prisoner was gone, Turner was at his patrol post in Hiram. He drove right by her walking along the turnpike but believed she was secured in the back.

The officer got a one day suspension. Somehow that doesn't seem right. Even if she wasn't killed, not noticing that your prisoner escaped until you got back to the station is pretty bad.

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